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May 27th, 2021

Ocean to Idaho: Chasing Salmon Migration with Kris Millgate

Outdoor journalist Kris Millgate spent a decade in TV news before starting Tight Line Media in 2006. With a quarter century of multimedia storytelling, Millgate traverses the country in search of dynamic topics. She researches issues thoroughly then translates core elements via video, photo and words with credibility that demands audience.
Tight Line Media productions tour with film festivals and win national honors. As producer, writer, videographer, photographer, certified drone pilot, editor and gear hauler, Millgate engages in every project with inspiring enthusiasm and unmatched intensity. In the edit bay, she never tires. In the field, she never stops. She hikes, bikes, rows and flies her cameras into the wilderness to collar grizzlies, catch native trout, and count bald eagles. Millgate is vice president of Outdoor Writers Association of America, a life member of Trout Unlimited and a certified Idaho Master Naturalist. She’s also a trail runner, fly fisher and avid seeker of awkward moments.
She’s currently reporting for USA Today, Idaho Public TV and East Idaho Outdoors. Her first book My Place Among Men is available now. The sequel, My Place Among Fish, publishes July 2021. Her salmon film, Ocean to Idaho, premieres August 2021.
See her work at:

Follow salmon migration 850 miles from the ocean to Idaho. Impossible. Do it during a global pandemic. More impossible. What does it take to pull off the unbelievable during a catastrophic moment in human history? Somehow, outdoor journalist Kris Millgate found the answer, but it took more out of her than she anticipated. Hear her shocking back story in our next club meeting and see stunning footage from her upcoming salmon documentary, Ocean to Idaho. Join us as we discuss the iconic fish that’s disappearing in the Pacific Northwest.

Please join us live virtually withKris Millgate on May 27th, 2021 at Noon at the links below!

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